Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Recipe: That 70s Outfit

One of my main style inspirations is a very specific scene in Dazed and Confused in which a group of girls, preparing for their night out, have to lie down flat on a bed in order to have their super high-waisted jeans zipped up with a pair of pliers. Genius! I love high-waisted jeans for all that they represent in fashion, mainly a celebration of a woman’s natural curves. These jeans suit my body type perfectly. They accentuate my waist and are sexy while still allowing me to be a lady. In the spirit of Dazed and Confused, I paired them with a vintage crocheted top that I imagine was worn by a very tiny hippie once upon a Woodstock.

Vintage top, purchased in Bucktown, Seven “Georgia” jeans, Free People bandeau, Vintage dragon armband, purchased in Bucktown, Free People ring, Vintage snake ring, purchased in Bucktown

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