Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back From the Market: India

I just recently returned from a 5-week sojourn to India. While my official purpose was art historical research, I was definitely on an off-the-record mission for gorgeous fashion. And I found it to an excess. Such a fearless embrace of color! I tried to bring back as many pieces as Continental’s baggage restrictions would allow.

Indian costume jewelry. Combining multiple loves.

Dupattas (scarves): cotton and silk. Purchased from Cottons and Fabindia, various locations. Fabindia is known for its dupattas.

Elephant-embossed toe rings from South Bombay jewelry stall. An auspicious purchase, as my research concerned the elephant-headed god Ganesha.

Henna, with rings from Fabindia and E Street Denim Co.

I fell hard for this 60s-inspired kurti. The colors and print belong on a psychedelic music poster, and the shape is so mod! The tiny metal disks along the neckline are a subtle (by Indian standards) nod to the ubiquity of adornment as an important augmentation to and, at times indication of, beauty in Indian material culture. I paired it with streamlined jeans and precarious 5” wedges.

Kurti from Cottons, Mumbai, J Brand 10” jeans in Ink, French Connection wedges, LAK bangles from Hyderabad, Topshop earrings


  1. Honey! You look so adorable!! I love your indian inspired look and I can't wait for you to show me some tips. I just had indian food tonight and there was live music (aka an indian man singing) and I can't wait to be Asian with you (now with the newly added India!-lol bc b4 it was not part of our Asia) I love the costume jewelry and don't even get me started about the scarves.. I can't wait to steal some of your newly inspired style! I think the kurti is sooo you and I like how it compliments your haircut. Fantastic choice! I look forward to seeing more outfits in your future posts!<3

  2. Leah you have such beautiful feet! and your cute toes, they're so perfect! kinda hot ;)