Friday, October 15, 2010

Recipe: Tee Shirt Layers

I’ve been trying to experiment these days with layers and mixed patterns. I like tying this oversized tee in a knot; it adopts such a different vibe from how I used it before. The scarf is one of my India finds; all of the scarves in India are massive. Scarves have become so generic lately, so I really like how I can wrap it up around my neck to create some drama.

My man-ring is so tiny, but so wonderfully strange! He’s wearing a black bindi and has some tribal etchings that evoke a Heart of Darkness sense of the “Other.” I found him at my favorite London market – Spitalfields – a must for anyone visiting the city. Since he wasn’t over-the-top enough on his own, I added my two biggest rings. More IS more!

Millau tee shirt from LF over Aritzia tank dress (tied in knot) layered with C&C California gray long-sleeved tee, Fabindia scarf, Vintage ankle boots, Rings: Free People, Thrifted vintage “poison” ring, vintage ring with face from Spitalfields Market, London

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Recipe: Color Story

So I’m in this phase where I’ve started to want to expose my midriff at every possible occasion.I’m not sure exactly where this is coming from, except that maybe I’m channeling my youth? Whatever the case, this gorgeous blouse from one of the Brick Lane haunts is ideal for experimenting with this silhouette. I think it stays just shy of being tarty because the top is so loose and elegant. But that’s just me…

This belt says “Made in West-Germany” on the reverse side. I love that! It’s a little piece of Germany history, and as a result, I can date its production to before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. That’s kind of amazing, and also totally exposes me for the huge history dork that I am.

Vintage blouse, purchased on Brick Lane, London, J. Brand 12” jeans, MICHAEL Michael Kors shoes, Vintage belt, purchased at Oxford Circus Topshop, London, Earrings from BellaBeadJeweled, Etsy

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Recipe: Blazin'

A good blazer is any cosmo girl’s best asset. However, I am not usually one for structure (except when it comes to ruffles OF COURSE). BB Dakota’s boyfriend blazer (I bought this for last season, but I saw it made a comeback for F/W 2010) is soft and slouchy enough that I don’t ever feel constricted in it.

I spotted this tee across a large warehouse-like space tucked away on Brick Lane, and I knew that I had to have it. Reminiscent of the French Riviera, its paper thin fabric and schematic print are so retro-Europe.

Vintage tee purchased on Brick Lane, London, AG Catwalk jeans, BB Dakota boyfriend blazer with grandmother’s pin, Vintage boots, purchased at Blondie, London, LAK Bangles from India, Vintage Trifari earrings, purchased at Vintage Underground

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Recipe: Girly Girl

While I was living in London I went through this phase of buying pieces with ruffles at the neck. ..this is still a look that I love (see here and here). The climax of that phase was my discovery of this dress: gravity-defying ruffles and in my favorite color. It evokes such different moods depending on the belt that I pair with it. Today I’m going all-out girly with this darling J. Crew bouquet belt.
One of the Lucky magazine’s guides to looking sexy recommended juxtaposing ruffles and a tough choker. This is how I went about that.
Another dreary autumn day, so more indoor shooting. Good thing Middlebury is as picturesque inside as it is out!

Chi Chi dress, purchased at Oxford Circus Topshop, London, J. Crew belt, Kate Spade tights, French Connection Wedges, Malababa choker, Earrings from India, Topshop ring

Monday, October 4, 2010

Teaser: Winter Textures

Here’s a little preview of what I’ll be wearing when winter hits.

I like to pin this fur collar to anything that has a boring or questionable front. You’ll see much more of it as the weather turns and I break out my late fall/early winter coat.

Martin & Osa sweater, Vintage fur collar, purchased on Brick Lane, London, Thrifted vintage necklace

Friday, October 1, 2010

Recipe: All Tied Up in Knots

While procrastinating on the internet, I stumbled upon this image from American Apparel:

While vaguely reminiscent of a flight attendant, it intrigued me, so I decided to give this scarf-in-a-bow-faux-ascot look a go. I think it came out fairly successfully, though I wish the bow was bigger.

Vermont weather has ranged lately from out-and-out gloom to 60 mph winds and hail. As a result, I shot today’s outfit in the old library at Middlebury. So stately!

Vintage men’s oxford from Rokit, London, Hudson jeans, J. Crew belt, Thrifted vintage scarf, Seychelles wedges, Vintage snake necklace, purchased at Highwood Street Market Festival, Vintage Trifari earrings, purchased at Vintage Underground

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Recipe: The Party Dress

I purchased this dress almost a year ago at the much-frequented Oxford Circus Topshop in London. It was my first vintage purchase while in London, and finding it completely changed my outlook on shopping, style, everything! Before I pulled this dress off of the vintage rack in the bottom floor of Topshop, I had never owned anything so daring. I was attracted to the ruffled neckline (I LOVE having ruffles up by my neck!), and as soon as I put it on, I fell head over heels for the way I looked in it. I felt like a different person, from a different time.

It’s not even that wacky by my standards anymore, but when I bought it, I began to see the merit of purchasing more unusual pieces.

My Aztec-man earrings, generously gifted to me by Vintage Underground. I love it when my jewelry has a face.

The changing foliage matches my belt. I love Vermont in autumn…not so much in winter though.

Vintage dress, purchased at Topshop, Oxford Circus, DKNY tights, Stuart Weitzman ankle boots, Thrifted belt, Vintage snake ring, purchased at Vintage Underground, Vintage earrings, gifted from Vintage Underground

Monday, September 27, 2010

Back From the Market: Middlebury Thrifting Part 2

Treasures from my Middlebury thrifting extravaganza continue!

For a while now, I’ve been on the hunt for the skirt equivalent of this dress. This skirt comes pretty close. It hits at the right length, and has the perfect amount of movement.

My ram’s head choker and large amber-colored ring are from the Middlebury Flea market. The necklace was $3, which still amazes me. I have a major soft spot for animal motifs, and the brown and black stripes are vaguely harlenquinesque to my eye. The resulting combination of these factors is a necklace that I want to wear daily.

The man who sold the ring to me told me that it is a “poison ring.” It opens up, and I guess one would put their poison of choice inside. I am still figuring out my ideal ring shape, and this ring is definitely different from the ones I usually wear. I love it though; it looks so old and rich.

I bought this leather jacket at the amazing Spitalfields Market in London. It was crafted by a local designer.

American Apparel silky loose crop tank, Thrifted skirt, Lace bra, purchased at Saffron, Bucktown, Chie Mihara shoes, Leather jacket from Spitalfields Market, London, Thrifted vintage “poison ring”, Thrifted vintage ram necklace, Vintage necklace, purchased from CatseyeVintage, Etsy

Friday, September 24, 2010

Back From the Market: Middlebury Thrifting Part 1

This past week I went on a thrifting expedition in downtown Middlebury, and it was very successful! I started out at the annual flea market, where I picked up (among other goodies) this wonderfully heavy Monet bracelet. It was $8. Holler.

After the flea market, I was so inspired that a girlfriend and I hit up Round Robin, a local thrift shop, and discovered this velvety corduroy skirt by J. Crew. It’s about 4 sizes too big, but I thought it would be ideal for a paper bag waist experiment.

I amplified the collegiate sensibility of the skirt with this amazingly baggy Millau tee and textured tights. My favorite vintage necklace is the finishing touch.

Millau tee from LF, Thrifted J. Crew corduroy skirt (size 10), Thrifted vintage boy’s belt, Kate Spade tights, Vintage ankle boots, Gifted vintage necklace, Thrifted vintage Monet bracelet

Tales of my thrifting adventures will continue soon!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Online Shopping & the Power of Flowers

So it's started. My shopping withdrawal is already forcing me to search out every available outlet for retail therapy. Today I spent some time on, which was amazing because I can literally find anything for my home, plus shoes and bags! I seriously considered getting a new twin bed set for my dorm room.

My online inspiration doesn't stop with shopping; I have been obsessed with this image from The Sartorialist (so effortless of course!):

I did my own take on the bow/headscarf, mixing some of my favorite floral patterns.

This frothy blouse form French Connection reminds me of cotton candy. I passed a French Connection on my way to class every day for 8 months of living in London; so much temptation!

These shorts are crazy! And yet they go with so much of my wardrobe...

French Connection blouse, Louche shorts from Joy, London, Hue tights, French Connection wedges, Thrifted vintage scarf