Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back From the Market: Etsy, again!

I ordered this playful modish dress from DJVV, Etsy, for no reason other than what it represents: a moment in the past when it was trendy to play with your clothes. I wish I had been there to see a world in which hemlines were super short, color ruled the roost, and ruffles abounded. Women were so flirty and fun!

Added bonus: the Disney-esque mushrooms that seem to just bounce around the dress are a glorious nod to 1960s/70s psychedelic culture.

It’s soooo short! Almost can’t be legal, so it’s a very good thing that I’m soooo short too!

These were once dubbed my “Hobo boots.” Whatever bum is rocking these is pretty damn stylish.

Vintage dress from DJVV, Etsy, DKNY tights, Suede boots from Lounge, NYC, Grandmother’s Rolex

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  1. Hey Leah! The dress looks deadly cute on you!! So glad you love it and that it landed in your hands. :]

    ( of )