Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Recipe: Ode to Summer

My summer is about to come to a very abrupt stop, as I am only days away from going back to college. I thought I would take today to embrace some of my favorite elements of summer days. These bright and sassy shorts may not see the light of day very much once I go back to school, so here is their moment to shine.

I also wanted to goof off in this beachside playground because my playtime will be much more limited when I’m busy reading and essaying. I love my school and my student's life, but it will tough to return to reality.

Bourdeaux Top, Tara Starlet shorts, purchased at Oxford Circus Topshop, London, French Connection wedges, Bracelets from Forever 21 and Coach

Monday, August 30, 2010

Recipe: All-in-one

I have heard this contentious garment called many names: romper, jumper, playsuit (when in the UK)…but when I first started rocking these, and they weren’t quite so commonplace, my friends said I was wearing a “onesie.” This is still the term that I use to describe an item of clothing that contains within its threads both a top and a separated-leg bottom.

Here I’m wearing my favorite onesie, favorite because I live for one-shouldered ruffle moments.

I found this Londonesque phonebooth and became very nostalgic for my year abroad. I also love how the flowers match the booth!

Gorgeous fountain. The wind blew at the exact right moment.

Close up of my adornments: I really need to redo those nails!

Zara onesie, French Connection wedges , Topshop earrings, Topshop ring, Bracelet from India

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back From the Market: Etsy, again!

I ordered this playful modish dress from DJVV, Etsy, for no reason other than what it represents: a moment in the past when it was trendy to play with your clothes. I wish I had been there to see a world in which hemlines were super short, color ruled the roost, and ruffles abounded. Women were so flirty and fun!

Added bonus: the Disney-esque mushrooms that seem to just bounce around the dress are a glorious nod to 1960s/70s psychedelic culture.

It’s soooo short! Almost can’t be legal, so it’s a very good thing that I’m soooo short too!

These were once dubbed my “Hobo boots.” Whatever bum is rocking these is pretty damn stylish.

Vintage dress from DJVV, Etsy, DKNY tights, Suede boots from Lounge, NYC, Grandmother’s Rolex

Friday, August 27, 2010

Recipe: Dreamy Dress

This dress almost perfectly achieves my ideal summery aesthetic. It’s like air, and evokes a very specific moment in vintage time. I love the tiny pleating and ultra neutral palette, which allows me infinite freedom with accessories. I dug it out of a 10-pound rack in the basement of a vintage shop on Brick Lane, and I never looked back.

Someone told me once that my snake ring looks like it possesses magical powers. That’s because it does.

I like to twirl; this dress is absolutely twirl-worthy.

Vintage dress purchased on Brick Lane, London, Boudoir Belt , Seychelles wedges, Vintage necklace from CatseyeVintage, Etsy, Vintage dragon armband, purchased in Bucktown, Free People ring, Vintage snake ring, purchased in Bucktown

Look at how its life can be extended into the early days of autumn with these insane boots!

Same, with vintage boots from Blondie, London.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back From the Market: American Apparel

As someone who adores the high-waist, I was desperately in need of a streamlined black pant with a high waist with which to pair, well, everything in my wardrobe. This gaping hole in my closet was filled today by the brilliantly fitting American Apparel disco pant. Other bloggers have extolled the glories of this pant, so I need not be redundant. I only want to add that the combinations I can make with this incredible pant are limitless.

I'm on a major turban kick right now, so I fashioned a turbanesque headwrap for myself from one of my favorite 2-pound scarves from London.

Vintage blouse, purchased on Brick Lane, London, American Apparel disco pant, Vintage boots, Vintage KJL chess necklace, purchased from Persephoneclothing, Etsy, Vintage scarf form Spitalfields Market, London

I'm so happy it's getting autumny enough to rock these awesome boots!

I also picked up this boxy little top.

The creamy color and floaty silhouette are the essence of romance to me, so I stuck my most romantic bra (the type that you really want to share with the world) underneath. This bra and blouse are meant for each other. I think it’s true love.

This outfit also gets to have a turban moment.

American Apparel silky loose crop tank, Rag & Bone shorts, DKNY tights, Vintage boots, Lace bra, purchased at Saffron, Bucktown, Vintage necklace, purchased at Street Market Festival, Highwood, Earrings from BellaBeadjeweled, Etsy, Scarf from India

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Recipe: Mixing with a Liberty Print

This outfit is an ode to the vibrant bazaar of colors and textures that can be found on the first floor of Liberty of London. This Oxford Circus mainstay is breathtaking and so full of inspiration. When I discovered Liberty, early in my time in London, I went a little crazy and spent way too much money. Foiled by the exchange rate, I had to go back to only looking, but not before I snatched up a silk scarf, belt buckle pieces, and a beautifully heavy bohemian necklace.

I had a little fun playing with trees

I will return to you, Liberty, when I have some form of income, and then our love affair can fully blossom! Until then, our relationship has to remain strictly plutonic.

Yumi Kim blouse from EStreet Denim Co., Highland Park, Hudson jeans, Frye shoes, Pebble necklace from Liberty of London, Oxford Circus, Liberty of London scarf and belt pieces from Liberty of London, Oxford Circus, Fabindia earrings, Grandmother’s Rolex and amethyst ring, J. Crew cocktail ring

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Recipe: That 70s Outfit

One of my main style inspirations is a very specific scene in Dazed and Confused in which a group of girls, preparing for their night out, have to lie down flat on a bed in order to have their super high-waisted jeans zipped up with a pair of pliers. Genius! I love high-waisted jeans for all that they represent in fashion, mainly a celebration of a woman’s natural curves. These jeans suit my body type perfectly. They accentuate my waist and are sexy while still allowing me to be a lady. In the spirit of Dazed and Confused, I paired them with a vintage crocheted top that I imagine was worn by a very tiny hippie once upon a Woodstock.

Vintage top, purchased in Bucktown, Seven “Georgia” jeans, Free People bandeau, Vintage dragon armband, purchased in Bucktown, Free People ring, Vintage snake ring, purchased in Bucktown

Monday, August 23, 2010

Key Ingredient: A Happy Dress

There are those pieces in my wardrobe that I go to again and again, not necessarily because of their neutrality but rather their versatility. This impulse purchase of a brightly patterned dress by Millau has surprisingly turned out to be one of those garments that fulfills a variety of functions in my life.

It’s a dress!

Worn with Free People bandeau, vintage Levi’s shirt from Covent Garden Rokit, London, French Connection wedges, earrings from India

It’s a skirt!

Worn with J. Crew cashmere sweater, suede boots from Lounge, SoHo, Rugby Ralph Lauren necklace, earrings from India

It’s a top!

Worn with Free People bandeau, Seven “Georgia” jeans, French Connection wedges, earrings from India

It’s a vest!

Worn with Forever 21 dress, Boudoir belt, French Connection wedges, vintage necklace from CatseyeVintage, Etsy, bracelets and earrings from India

Many thanks to the adorable staff at LF in SoHo for convincing me to buy it!