Monday, August 30, 2010

Recipe: All-in-one

I have heard this contentious garment called many names: romper, jumper, playsuit (when in the UK)…but when I first started rocking these, and they weren’t quite so commonplace, my friends said I was wearing a “onesie.” This is still the term that I use to describe an item of clothing that contains within its threads both a top and a separated-leg bottom.

Here I’m wearing my favorite onesie, favorite because I live for one-shouldered ruffle moments.

I found this Londonesque phonebooth and became very nostalgic for my year abroad. I also love how the flowers match the booth!

Gorgeous fountain. The wind blew at the exact right moment.

Close up of my adornments: I really need to redo those nails!

Zara onesie, French Connection wedges , Topshop earrings, Topshop ring, Bracelet from India

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