Friday, September 24, 2010

Back From the Market: Middlebury Thrifting Part 1

This past week I went on a thrifting expedition in downtown Middlebury, and it was very successful! I started out at the annual flea market, where I picked up (among other goodies) this wonderfully heavy Monet bracelet. It was $8. Holler.

After the flea market, I was so inspired that a girlfriend and I hit up Round Robin, a local thrift shop, and discovered this velvety corduroy skirt by J. Crew. It’s about 4 sizes too big, but I thought it would be ideal for a paper bag waist experiment.

I amplified the collegiate sensibility of the skirt with this amazingly baggy Millau tee and textured tights. My favorite vintage necklace is the finishing touch.

Millau tee from LF, Thrifted J. Crew corduroy skirt (size 10), Thrifted vintage boy’s belt, Kate Spade tights, Vintage ankle boots, Gifted vintage necklace, Thrifted vintage Monet bracelet

Tales of my thrifting adventures will continue soon!


  1. Wow, amazing necklace! Makes such a great statement!

  2. thx for commenting on my blog.. love how ou pair stripey shirt with corduroy skirt..:)

  3. I love your corduroy skirt! Lovely photos, too, and it looks like you picked up some great things. I wish I was a thrift-er.

    Great blog, I'll be back soon!

  4. ah, the paper bag waist experiment. of course. :)

    love the look!