Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Recipe: Girly Girl

While I was living in London I went through this phase of buying pieces with ruffles at the neck. ..this is still a look that I love (see here and here). The climax of that phase was my discovery of this dress: gravity-defying ruffles and in my favorite color. It evokes such different moods depending on the belt that I pair with it. Today I’m going all-out girly with this darling J. Crew bouquet belt.
One of the Lucky magazine’s guides to looking sexy recommended juxtaposing ruffles and a tough choker. This is how I went about that.
Another dreary autumn day, so more indoor shooting. Good thing Middlebury is as picturesque inside as it is out!

Chi Chi dress, purchased at Oxford Circus Topshop, London, J. Crew belt, Kate Spade tights, French Connection Wedges, Malababa choker, Earrings from India, Topshop ring


  1. I have that belt :)

    And I'm loving that dress!! Its awesome!

  2. agreed, excellent dress. the ring steals the show for me, though! :)