Monday, September 27, 2010

Back From the Market: Middlebury Thrifting Part 2

Treasures from my Middlebury thrifting extravaganza continue!

For a while now, I’ve been on the hunt for the skirt equivalent of this dress. This skirt comes pretty close. It hits at the right length, and has the perfect amount of movement.

My ram’s head choker and large amber-colored ring are from the Middlebury Flea market. The necklace was $3, which still amazes me. I have a major soft spot for animal motifs, and the brown and black stripes are vaguely harlenquinesque to my eye. The resulting combination of these factors is a necklace that I want to wear daily.

The man who sold the ring to me told me that it is a “poison ring.” It opens up, and I guess one would put their poison of choice inside. I am still figuring out my ideal ring shape, and this ring is definitely different from the ones I usually wear. I love it though; it looks so old and rich.

I bought this leather jacket at the amazing Spitalfields Market in London. It was crafted by a local designer.

American Apparel silky loose crop tank, Thrifted skirt, Lace bra, purchased at Saffron, Bucktown, Chie Mihara shoes, Leather jacket from Spitalfields Market, London, Thrifted vintage “poison ring”, Thrifted vintage ram necklace, Vintage necklace, purchased from CatseyeVintage, Etsy

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  1. cool cool.... glad that cute bra made an encore appearance!