Saturday, September 11, 2010

Recipe: Collegiate Style

Being back on campus has been an absolute whirlwind, and I’ve only now had the time to put together a post. I’m coordinating with a beautiful and talented photographer here at Middlebury (Denise Hofmann- see her blog here!), and I’m very excited about all of my upcoming looks. I’m also now writing for and posting looks on Beauty and the Budget’s new column, Chic Beauty!

This look exemplifies my style for class: crisp, but a little rumpled. I like to play around with the reigning aesthetic of my college – preppy – by adding my own little twists. The shorts turned out perfectly, thanks to my incredible tailor back in Chicago. I long ago realized that any garment can be reconstructed to fit like a dream.
I also recently discovered Kate Spade's line of hosiery. I want all of them; they're so quirky!

My early fall coat! There is nothing more timelessly chic than a good trench. It is already chilly in Vermont, so I throw this on almost every morning before dashing off to my lectures.

Vintage corduroy shorts from PennyLaneVintage1973, Etsy, Rugby Ralph Lauren oxford, Kate Spade tights, French Connection Wedges, Vintage KJL chess necklace from persephoneclothing, Etsy, Vintage earrings, gifted from Vintage Underground, Bucktown, Grandmother's Rolex, (J. Crew trench)

Isn't Middlebury College beautiful!


  1. Being back at school is always exciting. I've just returned to my college for my last semester. It sometimes felt like this semester would never come :)

    I love the royal purple shorts. So fun!