Friday, September 3, 2010

On the Move

This morning I’m heading back to finish off my undergraduate education at Middlebury College. Located in a tiny but astonishingly picturesque rural town in Vermont, Middlebury will certainly provide some lush (and quaintly collegiate) settings for upcoming posts. It’s been 15 months since I was on campus (I was in London for all of last year), and I have to admit that I have butterflies.

One major downside to going to college in an isolated rural environment is the complete lack of shopping. There are a few small thrift/vintage shops in town, but I usually forget about them because a brutal winter descends all too quickly and then walking anywhere is daunting. The closest “city” is just under an hour away, but its retail offerings are mostly of the mall variety/cater to the ski bum culture of VT. All the more reason to devote several hours a day to scouring the depths of Etsy and other online shopping meccas.

In this isolation, I am forced to reinvent new outfits much more rapidly. Let’s see what I come up with this year!

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