Saturday, September 18, 2010

Recipe: The Deadly Poppy Field

I was drawn to this blouse mostly for its Wizard of Oz motifs: big puffy poppies and that brilliant red were just too good to pass up! I love all stories/films that reference an alternate universe (Alice in Wonderland, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Wizard of Oz).
The silhouette is more Victorian than I usually go for, what with the high neck and buttoned sleeves, but stepping out of my comfort zone is critical to the continuing development of my aesthetic.

I’m wearing my Trifari earrings all the time! They are just bold enough to have a presence without being overpowering.

Vintage blouse from RadVintager, Etsy, AG “Catwalk” jeans, Bloomingdales belt, Stuart Weitzman boots, Vintage Trifari earrings, purchased from Vintage Underground


  1. Interesting shirt! On perhaps anyone else, it would look ridiculous. You, as always, rock it. :)

  2. PS I checked out your Chic Beauty posts--awesome! Oh, and the post where the site creator introduced all the people blogging for her... let's just say that it's no wonder you were first on her list. Your photo is amazing, and your style kind of blows everyone else's out of the water...!